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With our customised eLearning development, there's no
'one size fits all.' eLearning is crafted to your needs.

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Your courses anywhere,
anytime and on any device.
It's eLearning, re-imagined.

Consulting services aimed at increasing the performance of your eLearning programmes.

The Learner is at the core of our design processes.  We create eLearning content that is learner centered, engaging and interactive in order to ensure it genuinely improves the knowledge and skills of your learners.

So whether you need:

  • Rapid eLearning for addressing urgent business needs such as training your sales staff on a new product,
  • Traditional eLearning developed in response to needs assessment
    findings or a recognised skill deficiency in the organization,
  • or Strategic eLearning that addresses your organiation's long term training and development goals,

we are the right partner for your organisation.

We develop high quality and cost-effective eLearning courses to address training and education needs for organisations in different industries.

Our Approach


We take time to understand your needs, analyse your target audience as well as the tasks and topic of your eLearning course.

design course

It's time to assemble learning objectives, decide on the sequencing, instructional strategy, delivery strategy and evaluation strategy.

develop course

Once we understand what you want and have completed the design phase, we begin the coding work of producing another great eLearning experience


After extensinve testing, you are ready to deploy your courses. We can also provide assistance with installing the e-courses on your LMS and manage learner activities.


We provide post delivery product support to ensure all is well that ends well. We gather feedback and make improvements where necessary.


Enable access from anywhere, anytime on virtually any device, including PCs and mobile devices (iOS,
Androidâ„¢ and Windows Phone).

Our mLearning courses are not just eLearning courses made available on mobile devices. We optimise your courses for mobile devices so that course contents do not appear crouded on small screens.

Your responsive courses automatically detect the screen size and then display the optimal version for the device.

Interactivity, everywhere.

We create mLearning that provides rich, interactive mobile experiences for learners across devices.

With HTML5 course authoring, all our mLearning courses are designed to be fully compatible with mobile devices that don't support flash content e.g. iPad's and iPhones. All course contents such as animations and interactivity are fully functional on mobile devices that do not support flash content.

eLearning mobile apps.

Are your mLearning courses available when the user's device has no internet access? At Pixlclass, we develop courses as mobile apps for the iOS, Android and Windows Phone mobile operating systems.

Your learners can download the mLearning App whilst connected to the internet and take the course later, even when they have no internet access.
So, you immediately wonder ho can producing mobile apps be useful to your business and staff.

Picture this: 'an emergency breakdown mechanic is out to attend a refridgerated truck in a remote rural road with not internet coverage. He suddently needs reference material to help him diagnose the cause of the breakdown. He pulls out his smartphone and opens an eLearning mobile app. He immediately gets diagnostic procedures from an eLearning app he downloaded a month ago.'
eLearning anywhere, anytime and on any device....
it's eLearning re-imagined!
We provide a range of eLearning consulting services designed to increase your business performance!

Having an eLearning Strategy will determine the extent of success of your eLearning programmes.

We'll take stock of your current learning activities, determine to what extent eLearning can be used to improve your training, and assemble an eLearning roadmap designed to make you get the best our of your eLearning programmes.

We call it 'eLearning engineering'

Delivering your courses in a way that will archieve maximum retention requires carefull crafting. Our Instructional Designers work with SME's to design immersive experiences.

Whether it's role plays, learning games, learning videos to interactive quizzes, we design for maximum impact using real life environment that learners will easily identify with, increasing retention and effectiveness of your eLearning.

Don't have a Learning Management System? Why not make use of our LMS hosting services. We deploy and manage all your eLearning courses on our LMS. Supply you with training reports, build and maintain your eLearning library. With our cloud LMS solutions, there's no need for LMS software with hefty price tags.

We continuously monitor the performance of your eLearning programmes through detailed analysis of ROI, measure its effectiveness and obtain end-user feedback to identify performance gaps and areas of improvements. We then recommend actions required to address identified performance gaps and improve your overall eLearning effectiveness.
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About Us

eLearning consultants. developers.

Pixlclass Software (Pty) Ltd is an eLearning service provider. We offer comprehensive eLearning solutions that add value to our clients business, increase ROI on eLearning spend as well as increase in training effectivenenss. Our services include:

  • A consulting service that' s aimed at assisting our clients develop a successful eLearning strategy, maintain eLearning libraries and manage successful eLearning programmes.
  • Learner centered eLearning content development. Whether you want to convert your existing training into eLearning, developing customised eLearning programmes and courses or developing eLearning mobile apps for iOS, Android and WP8, we are the right partner for your business.

Why partner with us?

  • Quality products and services

    Our main priority is to produce high quality products and services. We spend countless hours refining our courses and never put the final signature on a project unless it's been tested at least 5 times.

  • Customer service

    We limit the number of Work-In-Progress at any given time so that we can pay our undivided attention to a few clients at a time. This enables us to develop a close relationship with our clients to understand exactly what their needs are and how we can satisfy their immediate and long term needs, adding value to their business.

  • Cost effective products and services

    We are a small organisation that practices lean and green business processes by reducing, reusing and recycling. These include: limiting travel, printer free office, reduce energy usage (using natural light as much a possible, using computer equipment with long battery life, limiting airconditioning usage, multi-skilled personnel, etc.)

    All of these intitiatives enable us to produce high quality eLearning products at low costs, which also translates to huge savings by our clients.